Wedding Gowns Preservation

You can store your wedding gown by:

  1. Preservation Box – Your gown will be preserved in an acid free box with a lid and a viewing window. Acid free tissue paper will be laden in the box to support the gown and placed between each of the folds of the gown to prevent scratches to the delicate material and creasing. We have boxes of various sizes to suit your wedding gown.
  2. Garment Bag – This way of storage is free. You can hang your gown but in the long term there may be a musty smell due to it being unused. Hanging may also be exposed to light and air moisture. If you are going to store yours in an excellent shape down the memory lane, we strongly recommend preservation in a box.

Other Pointers to Note:

  • Best to clean the wedding dress within a week of the wedding as any stain will become more resistant over time.
  • Remove accessories and metal pieces that can rust and cause discoloration over time.
  • Store the wedding gown in a cool and dry place, away from light.